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Yoga and Naturopathy Overview

Yoga and Naturopathy Overview

Yoga and Naturopathy has been a healthcare preventive and spiritual practice that has a significant role in our lives and today it has spread all over the world and people are aware of the tremendous potential of it. Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living with the vision to cure with non- invasive approach avoiding the use of surgery and drugs. While ‘Yoga’ is originated from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to join or unite. Basically, yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practice to unite the body, mind, and soul. Though the aim of the yoga is mindfulness and internal peace it also helps to keep you fit and healthy.

Salient Features

  •  India being a country popularly known for its traditional health practice like yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy and has a tremendous scope of opportunities like Yoga Teachers, Medicare Institute, Healing institutes and various other for aspiring individuals.


  • Wellness Industry is a Well developed Ecosystem now