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Vocational Training Overview

By 2020, over 60% of the population would fall in the productive age group of 18- 45 years. Acc. to a research we will be having 47 million of active population in the upcoming years. It is significant to understand the tremendous potential of more than 60% of total population available for working and contributing towards GDP. Vocational Training widely recognized as Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a compact and effective solution with the specific purpose of imparting education based training to the individual interested in the particular type of trade, he/she wants to pursue. It allows aspirants to indulge in job with their area of interest. It also renders aspirants with hands-on training and can lead to obtaining a certification or diploma in the desired field. Aspirants may prepare for job such as:-

  • Computer Hardware & Networking
  • Mobile Hardware & Software Repair
  • Auto Repair, Plumbing, Retail

Better chances of employment
Higher earnings
Increased job satisfaction
Enhanced job flexibility and mobility