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IT Overview

Information Technology Overview

The two widely known components of Information Technology are Software and Hardware. However, the software industry has emerged out to be a major industry in the electronics field. The industry went up to form major economic reforms in 1991, making India a globalized and integrated international economic resource platform acquiring an annual growth rate of 30% making it currently a Rs. 400,000 crore industry. The potential market of Information & Technology has successfully attracted significant investment from major countries. The cutting edge technology that is currently rolling in the industry like block chain technology and artificial intelligence has acquired the massive attention of people working in this sector.

Salient Features


Information Technology is the fastest growing and developing industrial sector which largely influences the economy of the nation. Businesses need people with expertise in basic skills and knowledge of how to support information technology activities in the workplace.


Information Technology offers a wide range of opportunities to the aspirants looking for a career in Information Technology. Aspirants can easily get a job of their choice in their domain.


There is better prospects with tremendous potential for aspirants of Information Technology. Aspirants can also aspire to further study with different IT and computing courses to enhance their knowledge and skills. Different opportunities open up with different roles such as:-
⦁ Software Engineer
⦁ Systems Analyst
⦁ Technical Consultant
⦁ Information technology Coordinator
⦁ Designing and programming computer games